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Spyfu Review 2022: The Comprehensive Guide to Using Spyfu for SEO Success

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May 31, 2022

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Looking to dominate your competition and achieve SEO success? Spyfu is the tool for you! Spyfu is a comprehensive platform that provides users with all the data to succeed in SEO. This Spyfu review will cover everything from how to use Spyfu to its features and benefits. Whether you’re a novice or an expert SEO professional, read on for all the information you’ll need to know about Spyfu!

Are you seeking a blogger’s honest SpyFu review? You’ve come to the correct spot. The majority of bloggers struggle to boost their search traffic. We consistently advocate utilizing a “solid” SEO tool that can help with all forms of SEO activities, including keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitor tracking.

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But the problem is that most SEO tools, even those with many features, are pretty expensive. The majority of SEO solutions are pricey.

Although most people would find this type of coverage expensive, there are alternatives. For example, if you study SEO tools like SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs, and others, you’ll understand how pricey they can be (their basic pricing packages start at $100 per month). Here’s when an inexpensive SEO tool like SpyFu comes into play (the cost is just $33 per month).

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of SpyFu, the benefits, drawbacks, and more!

What Is SpyFu?

SpyFu is a search analytics firm that provides a popular SEO tool. It scrapes the web for data that may be used to determine the keywords that businesses and websites buy using Google AdWords, utilizing web scraping technology. SpyFu also cross-references search results with search terms and phrases for companies to have better insight into their searches and strings of words that show up on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Only you know where your competitors are spending their budget on online advertising. By assisting you in identifying the keywords your rivals pay for and pinpointing the words and phrases that drive the most traffic, SpyFu allows you to “spy” on them. As a result, you may keep pace with other businesses or services working in your sector and draw more visitors to your websites.

Uses of SpyFu

Business owners may profit from Spyfu’s proactive competitive research tools. I’m emphasizing in this SpyFu review the company’s organized and sleek dashboard/UI. Consequently, the entire interface is simple to use and attractive to look at.

The dashboard has seven tabs for easy access to the platform’s tools: keywords, PPC research, reports, and SEO tools. Whether you’re looking at pay-per-click (PPC) or SEO data, you’ll have relevant and practical insights at your fingertips. You’ll also get quick access to a search bar located in the platform’s center, where you may conduct keyword searches quickly.

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SpyFu Review

SpyFu is a fantastic research tool when it comes to SEO and PPC. SpyFu is a valuable tool for organic and sponsored campaigns, providing valuable insights for organic and paid campaigns. As an SEO and PPC tool, SpyFu may show your competitors’ methods and analyze them for you to target the desired part of the market. With a simple user experience, SpyFu provides easy tools accessible to anybody.

SpyFu currently indexes over 7 billion search results and 108 million distinct domains. This database allows SpyFu to be seen as a solid alternative to SEMrush.

The advantages of using SpyFu include aiding in studying a website, spying on a competitor’s site for organic keywords and sponsored term searches, and more. SpyFu is a comprehensive process that may be understood by delving even further.

SpyFu’s features

Domain Overview

Spyfu’s Domain Overview feature gives you an at-a-glance look at changing trends for any domain to begin monitoring your competition. When you type a domain into the search bar, the platform provides several vital data, including:

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  • How many keywords from the domain are currently on Google in PPC or SEO?
  • The most significant competitors in SEO and PPC for this domain are.
  • Keywords that have been demoted from Google’s page one for the domain

Having these metrics at your fingertips might assist any marketer or CEO make essential decisions while executing an SEO or marketing campaign.

Do you want to see how this functionality works? There is no Spyfu free trial, but the Spyfu free edition is available!

PPC Analytics

You may look up specific rivals, view all the keywords they buy on Google Ads, and see how well their advertising performed using SpyFu. You may replicate their accomplishments while avoiding their mistakes by taking advantage of this information. You may also monitor changes in your PPC spend over time, the number of clicks received for your keywords, track bidding on words you’re interested in, etc. PPC data also allows you to identify keywords that your competitors have not currently bid on, so you may claim them for yourself.

You may use PPC data to identify keyword groups, assess which words do not work, and examine the impressions you produce on essential keywords using AdWords visualization tools from SpyFu.

SEO Research

The most significant benefit of this function is that it allows you to identify what content and keywords may help your competitors outrank you and track every website in your field. The SEO research function shows how rankings and material fluctuate over time, allowing you to catch up-and-coming competitors faster.

The Search Engine Optimization for Legal Practice Tool assists in the organization of SEO keywords into groups, which is typically a time-consuming and laborious process. You may personalize your SEO reports to land and retain specific clients by utilizing this keyword group analysis tool, which makes organizing SEO terms into groups quick and effective.

SpyFu Keyword Research

The first step in any SEO or PPC campaign is looking for and categorizing keywords. The role of SpyFu is to assist with keyword searching based on specific information fed into the tool. If you know a keyword, you may enter it into the tool and wait for it to return a list of potential keywords that fit the description. This outcome will aid your SEO and PPC efforts.

You may consider a few things before using the SpyFu keyword research tool dashboard:

Keyword Overview

As the name implies, this tool compares all of your accounts and pulls their performance metrics into one place. Based on the keyword you choose; it shows you how well each account performs compared to other accounts. The difficulty, volume, related keywords, and other factors are included here. However, it would be helpful to examine profit-related keywords on this front.

SpyFu’s keyword finder tool uses data from competitor websites to find new and valuable keywords to target.

Competitor analytics include calculating the traffic these sites get from their present keyword rankings.

For example, if a competitor’s rankings receive 100,000 monthly clicks, SpyFu determines the amount. The total number of monthly page impressions to a website is essential. Search engine visits are a monetary value by measuring how much money the site would have paid for the same clicks. Through pay per click (PPC) to estimate how much money was made every month.

This may be beneficial from an SEO standpoint since it helps senior leaders comprehend the significant advantages of organic search marketing. Figures like these are precious when requesting a larger SEO budget.

Consumers should also bear in mind that these estimates are, by definition, incomplete.

On its help page, SpyFu states, “Realistically, these days, you may expect our roll-up predictions to be correct about 90% of the time.” According to personal experience, this figure should be lower; therefore, people should bear that in mind when utilizing this data.

The Kombat function, for example, is a strategic tool in the SpyFu keyword tool. It allows you to compare three domains against one another to find areas where your brand is falling short. You may then monitor these keywords to see how your company improves over time.

Profitable Related Keywords

There will be many keywords to pick from after the list has been generated. You may quickly reduce this process and get a list of keywords that have shown success in the past for your competition using SpyFu.

Backlinks to Rank Your Keywords

The number of links required to rank among the top 10 for a specific keyword is deemed one of the essential features.

Keyword Grouping

You may use this function to categorize various keywords based on your buckets. You can also use SpyFu to find the most fabulous advertisers, saving you time hunting for them.

The second most significant aspect of the complete keyword analysis is its organic SERP analysis feature. You may study the top 10 SERP results and expand them for up to 50 additional entries with this tool.

After completing the search for all keywords, a site audit should be done. You’ll understand your website’s condition and a competitor’s with a technical site audit.

You can also use SpyFu to find and discover link prospects using fundamental competitor analysis quickly. You may also utilize SpyFu to acquire links for your website optimized around your keyword, which would be most beneficial to other web pages.

You may develop engaging material around a particular keyword based on how your competitors use the term. You’ll need to figure out which parts of your content are the best and then use that knowledge to create supporting material that will complement them.

This might be more information, different viewpoints, films, etc. You may utilize links to the main article to promote each component.

Backlink Checker

To use the SpyFu backlink checker, go to the search bar, type your domain, and select View Backlinks. This will show you a comprehensive list of websites that link to you and your back. You will be capable of separating them into sites, forums, and other categories from this point forward.

There are two more things to remember before you begin. The first is assessing the content’s impact, and the second is nurturing the leads you may acquire.

Keyword Rank Tracking

On the other hand, Google Analytics is a general analytics tool. It allows you to track and analyze performance with insights based on previous data points. This method produces comprehensive reports that are neatly organized and easy to digest.

This is a great feature, but it lags behind the competition compared to other keyword rank trackers. The rank tracker on SpyFu is updated once a week. It’s difficult to compete with tools like AccuRanker or SEMrush that refresh their ranking data every day because their rank tracker data is only updated once per week.

Conduct Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis for any internet business might be critical. A competitor’s data may point you in the right direction and provide you with significant possibilities.

Another valuable feature of SpyFu’s company analysis is comparing competing products. The first step is to acknowledge your competition. You may use this tool to discover individuals you hadn’t considered previously.

Another great thing to do is keep an eye on your competitors’ advertising. Learn where they’re spending their money and their text content. You’ll have more information about your competitors’ operations if you figure out how to answer these questions.

Make use of ranking history to examine the SEO success of your rivals at this stage. This will assist you in finding out important events, which can help you understand how the ranking of your website is determined. The backlink profile of competitors may also have an impact.

Setting Ad Copy

If you want to run advertising for your company while also creating an ad copy, SpyFu can assist. You may use SpyFu to search and group keywords for ad copy with the aid of Ad Copy Grouping capability.

At the same time, SpyFu PPC can assist you in determining the best ad copy for a high conversion rate. You may use this tool to target keywords that are highly sought after by your consumers and will stay relevant for your business.

The features of the PPC tool at SpyFu are as follows:

  • It may be used as a spy tool for your rivals’ AdWords.
  • Look for terms that your competitors utilize but aren’t on your list.
  • Combine two or more AdWords keywords to make a group.
  • Make a note of your competitors’ PPC advertisements.
  • Keep track of the position of your PPC ad.

These tools might be pretty valuable when aiming for an organic ranking:

Kombat Keywords

With this tool, you may track the keywords your rivals are targeting. These terms might make or break your company. With this software, you’ll discover unique keywords and weak ones, which may be beneficial for both sponsored and organic efforts.

Backlink Kombat

You may utilize this tool to gain backlinks, which might benefit your keywords’ organic rankings. You can quickly watch and evaluate your rivals using this program, then pick the most lucrative backlinking opportunities.

List Builder

The List Builder tool can create a list of top domains organized by category, such as domains with the highest organic traffic. You may also review other top lists, such as keyword rankings based on CPC, number of clicks, and more.

You can request any other custom list for your needs by filling out a form. SpyFu may assist you in creating a list of prospects based on the keywords you input. You’ll be able to find out the domain name and contact information for each entry. These leads may be used to get in touch with clients.

Reports Feature

If client SEO is your specialty, you’ll appreciate reporting. You may generate and exhibit proper SEO and PPC reports with SpyFu. During report creation, you will have the option of selecting what you wish to produce.

You may choose a domain for which you wish to generate the reports. After that, SpyFu will provide comparable competitors in that domain so that you may use them for your report. This is particularly advantageous when producing a comparative evaluation of performance scales for your clients.

Besides that, there are several compelling reasons to utilize the SpyFu tool.: Some Incredible Features of SpyFu

If you are yet uncertain why you should invest in a low-cost SEO tool like SpyFu, look no further. Its most significant advantages are listed below.

Get Excellent Results with PPC.

It’s challenging to grow the number of visitors to your website, especially if you’re just getting started with a new online business or establishing an internet presence for the first time. That’s why so many individuals and businesses choose Google-sponsored ads.

The AdWords program is a Google advertising service that helps businesses with paid search engine ads (PPC advertisements). Your business will be spending money on Google’s display network to receive outcomes such as driving traffic, leads, and sales to your website.

You can also use organic PPC to boost your rankings, but you must employ the RIGHT techniques like “converting keywords” to receive huge returns on your investment. Alternatively, you’ll be wasting money on PPC advertising if you don’t.

The best thing about using SpyFu is that you may get better results faster by learning from your competitors’ long-term PPC ads. As a result, you can quickly discover and analyze only those keywords giving your rivals great results.

Here are a few of the advantages of utilizing SpyFu PPC keyword research.

  • Paid keywords and ad spend history are readily available and may be easily analyzed for any site (including your competitors).
  • You can also learn about your competition’s keyword vulnerabilities and successes, allowing you to quickly remove the undesirable keywords from your PPC campaigns (so you don’t waste money on irrelevant keywords).
  • You may discover ad copy and keyword clusters while doing this type of research.
  • There’s more. And it just gets longer from there.

Backlink Outreach from Spyfu

Another fantastic feature of SpyFu Backlink Builder is “Backlink Outreach,” which provides an attractive option.

A competitive link-building tool that allows you to examine possible contacts for link creation while also enabling you to contact them to improve your chances of developing high-quality links. To put it another way, it aids you from research to outreach.

You may use it to discover the most excellent link-building possibilities and blog data, such as emails, phone numbers, and social media profiles. Isn’t it fantastic?

So, if you’re seeking a method to increase the number of high-quality links on your blog, this tool can be highly beneficial. Blog outreach is often a time-consuming process that entails many tedious chores, including:

  • Creating a list of informative bloggers (as well as their websites)
  • Finding link-building possibilities (you can’t just cold email them for links since it won’t work)
  • Information about their contact details (such as email, social media accounts, phone numbers, and so on)

List Builder, SEO Reports, Rank Tracking, And So On


Many tools and services exist to help you build your list. SpyFu has a “List Builder” feature to find domain top lists, keyword top lists, lead data, and more.

In the domain top lists area, you’ll find information such as;

  • The most spendy AdWords domains
  • The most organic traffic was observed in these domains.
  • Companies that provide you with information such as email, social media handles, and so on

In the keyword top lists area, you’ll discover a wealth of helpful information such as;

  • The highest CPC keywords
  • The most popular search terms
  • The keyword list that is too costly
  • Keywords list for various industries (for example, real estate, credit cards, fitness)

Furthermore, Google Analytics Premium includes a Rank Tracking feature to track your keyword rankings in Google searches quickly.

Simply by creating a new project (including your website address), you can measure your keyword rankings. Start adding keywords, and you’ll be done in no time. Every week, SpyFu reports back to you with your domain’s keyword positions on Google and Bing (both for organic and PPC keyword listings) after adding keywords to a project.

You may also readily arrange all of your keywords using your group names and labels, or you may just start with SpyFu’s keyword suggestions.

The SEO reports from SpyFu provide you with incredible knowledge on how to increase organic traffic as well as a variety of resources, such as;

  • The number of keywords in the top search results is essential.
  • The number of distinct pages that are ranking organically
  • Organic traffic is free, and it’s the internet’s most cost-effective traffic source.
  • Organic click counts each month.
  • Biggest gains
  • The most important keywords
  • New organic pages, for example, are often found near the top of search engine results.

See Your Competitor’s Analytics Data.

Do you wish to examine and analyze the analytics data of your competitors? SpyFu can assist with that. To view their sales in real-time, go to Domain Overview and look for “Their Analytics Data.”

Let me show you how it works.

You can now access your rivals’ data through SpyFu by entering their URL into the “Their Analytics Data” field. All of their data will be sent directly to you, and you may see it all with just one click.

You may simply examine and interpret your rivals’ data in real-time. It’s as easy as that. Here are some things you can discover by using this tool.

  • Find out what techniques your competitors are utilizing to attract visitors to their site (including paid Facebook advertising)
  • Analyze the outcomes of their A/B tests.
  • Check out their sales (how much money they make and which items are the most popular, as well as conversion metrics for your competitors’ funnel)
Red and green arrows for pros and cons

Pros and Cons of SpyFu

Let’s see some of the advantages and drawbacks of going with SpyFu.

Pros of SpyFu:

Here are several of the most significant benefits of utilizing SpyFu in 2022 and beyond.

  • Pro/expert knowledge (one of the most significant draws of SpyFu over comparable SEO tools like Moz, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and others is its low cost; SpyFu pricing plans start at $33 per month, whereas the majority of SEO tools start at $120).
  • One of the most helpful competitor analysis tools (Search for a competing firm and download their PPC keywords as well as their organic keywords right away)
  • To improve your organic rankings, we give you a comprehensive technical audit on the site.
  • You can quickly discover a lot of highly lucrative keywords with little competition if you’re in any industry.
  • It has one of the broadest indexing databases as SpyFu is currently scanning over 7 billion results from 90 million domains.
  • This subscription-based program (so you’ll be billed automatically every month) offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

Cons of SpyFu:

Here are a few drawbacks of SpyFu that we’ve discovered so far.

  • While SpyFu lacks a mobile ranking, Semrush offers it at the $199.95 plan.
  • The estimates for keywords or backlinks might be more precise.

Is SpyFu Right for You?

SpyFu is a helpful keyword research and competitive intelligence tool for small companies wanting to enhance their online search engine results. SpyFu has the following significant advantages:

  • Looking at your competitors’ online marketing techniques can help you improve your own.
  • Find high-value and searchable keywords in both paid and organic searches.

SpyFu is one of the few search tools that specialize in this area, providing the same features as other competitors at a far lower cost. As a result, it can provide the advantages listed above at a significantly lower cost than alternatives like SEMrush (i.e., $39 per month vs. $99 per month).

If you’re looking for a tool that will only do competitive keyword research, we recommend SpyFu. If you want an all-in-one SEO package with additional features (e.g., keyword rank tracking, backlink analysis, site audits), we suggest testing SEMrush, Ahrefs, or Serpstat. Try SpyFu for free to learn more about it.

Plans and SpyFu Pricing:

The cost of SpyFu is undoubtedly a crucial section of this review. Is it too expensive to use? In comparison, no. It isn’t as pricey as its fiercest competitors, with the most affordable SpyFu price plan costing $33 per month for yearly subscriptions and $39 per month for monthly subscriptions.

There are three pricing levels: basic, professional, and team. The highest Team Package costs $199 per month when you subscribe annually. However, it costs more at $299 per month if you pay monthly. When comparing SpyFu vs. MozPro in terms of cost, the former does not charge by search results. All plans include an infinite number of search queries.

Spyfu Free Trial/Money-Back Guarantee/Refund Policy:

A free version is available, but the platform makes up for it with a free version. You won’t be able to utilize the service’s full potential, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try it out. If you withdraw within the first 30 days, there are no forms to fill out and no questions asked.

Spyfu’s Support

On its help page, SpyFu notes that “Realistically, nowadays, you can expect our roll-up estimates like SEO clicks and Ad Budget to be correct roughly 90% of the time.” We think that ‘SpyFu’ is a decent option for keyword research. As with other SEO tools, the training on ‘SpyFu’ is modest compared to SEMrush or Ahrefs. There are instructions on the site and in the blog, but you’ll find more diverse options elsewhere.

Final Thought

I think that this software is a digital marketer’s paradise. For example, you may use insight from the program to find out which keywords and phrases your rivals pay for on Google Ads to generate site traffic. As a result, you can maintain or even gain ground on your competition for traffic and search engine rankings at a modest cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Spyfu Used for?

SpyFu reveals your top competitors’ search marketing secret sauce. Search for any domain and get a complete history of where they’ve been on Google: every keyword they’ve purchased, organic rank, and ad variation in the last 15 years. You can also learn how to communicate with these sites.

Is Spyfu Better Than SEMRush?

SEMrush is a general-purpose SEO tool, whereas SpyFu is more specialized. However, based on my evaluation, SEMrush outperforms SpyFu in almost every way.

Which Is Better, Moz or Ahrefs?

Moz and Ahrefs both provide excellent backlink trackers, but while Moz is concerned with who linked you (and offers fewer filters), Ahrefs displays who linked and how they trended on the dashboard as graphs.

What’s Better, Moz or SEMRush?

The link intersects tool from Moz is slightly superior to Semrush’s in that it enables you to evaluate your site’s backlinks against five others. In contrast, Semrush restricts the comparison to four other websites. The ‘backlink gap’ function on Semrush


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