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How to Download Videos from YouTube on a Computer and a Mobile Device (2022)

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May 14, 2022

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YouTube is the world’s most popular on-demand video service.

YouTube has more than 30 million unique visitors each day, who view more than 5 billion videos each day.

Learn how to download video YouTube videos efficiently if you want to store them for later viewing. YouTube videos may be downloaded in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, and MPEG. If you simply require the audio format, you may download YouTube videos and convert them to MP3 files.

It’s become more difficult this year to keep up with all of the new methods that people may download and watch YouTube videos whenever they want.

Let us now begin.

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In order to download Youtube videos, what are the steps?

The procedure of downloading YouTube videos is easy and uncomplicated.

Use a video converter to download YouTube videos in the first place.

Use a Video Downloading Tool to Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer.

Downloading YouTube content with a video downloader is the quickest method for doing so. Step by step, we’ll go through it:

Select a Downloading/Converting Tool.

Select the best YouTube downloading software first.

4K Download, in my view, is the greatest downloader on the market.

4K Video Downloader

Batch downloading, playlist storing, and 4K downloads are just some of the excellent features that 4K Download provides for Windows, Mac, and Linux users alike. You may also get subtitles from YouTube in more than 50 other languages.

Give 4K Download and test it risk-free for 14 days.

Other tools are available, and although some of them are free, the quality of the premium ones is much superior.

When Choosing a YouTube Downloader, Look for the Following Features:

  1. Video Quality – The quality of the converted file is critical for optimal viewing. Video quality should be adjustable, at least in theory. Anywhere from 0 to 100 is OK. The best-case scenario is that you have the option of selecting a certain video resolution, such as 360, 720p, or 1080p.
  2. Subtitles in a variety of languages. Using subtitles when watching it on YouTube or YouTube Premium is crucial in these instances. It seems sensible that you’d want to save those exact films and subtitles on your computer.
  3. Download the files individually or in bulk depending on YouTube playlists. Downloading a band’s whole career is a good idea if you’re a fan. When it comes to film directors, you may also wish to obtain their whole back catalogs.
  4. Download and store films in a variety of formats. With a variety of formats to pick from, such as FLAC, AAC, and MP3, you can be more versatile.
  5. Built-In Video Editor you may wish to see a certain song amid a movie. As an alternative, you may choose to remove a certain section of a film. The ability to modify downloaded YouTube videos is a must-have feature for every YouTube video downloader. The Any Video Converter (AVC) comes with a built-in editor.
  6. Downloading Speed and converting movies should be quick. Ideally, internet and wi-fi connections should not have a significant impact on download times.

Take the URL from the video’s address bar and paste it into your browser.

An internet video downloading tool may be used in this scenario. Open the video on YouTube, and then click the “Download” button.

If you’d rather not copy and paste the YouTube video URL, you may just type it into the box.

Alternatively, you may open the tool in a new window. Once it’s opened, a text field will appear where you may type in the URL.

Here is a y2mate snapshot of the video download page. There is no need to do anything more than copy and paste the URL into the ‘Start’ text box above. ‘Go’ or ‘Download’ buttons are also common on certain websites.

Copy and paste y2mate’s URL

For downloaded tools, you’ll first need to download and install them on your PC. Once you’ve run it, you’ll have the same choices for copying and pasting the URL for conversion as when you first ran it.

Also, be wary about downloading any program that you don’t require. Avoid them at all costs. Keepvid, which works with Apple MacOS, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, is a decent option.

The Google Play Store or various handsets may also necessitate searching for alternative YouTube applications. Other alternatives are available if you’re downloading videos from Vimeo to watch offline.

Decide on the File Format and the Quality of the Video.

A slew of results will appear as you put the YouTube video URL into the search box. For example, y2mate allows you to choose the video type, quality, and file size that you wish to download.

Finally, click the download button when you’ve made your selection.

You may download YouTube videos in formats including WMV, MPG, AVI, and ASF as well as 3GP and 3G2, FLV and MKV, SWF and HTML5 WEBM and HTML5 OGG and more using some of the programs.

You may also choose a folder on your computer to keep all the downloaded videos if you’re seeking bulk downloads. A VPN could throw you off since it focuses more on your IP address than the video URL that you input. You may need to modify your location if you utilize a virtual private network.

It’s up to you when and where you want to watch the video after it’s downloaded.

What Is the Best Way to Directly Download YouTube Videos?

The usage of a YouTube video downloader isn’t required all the time. YouTube videos may be downloaded straight from the site.

Here are the instructions:

  1. Get to The Video.

When you’re on YouTube, go to the video you want to download and click the download button.

  1. Add ‘ss’ In The URL.

The next step is to update the URL in YouTube’s built-in text editor. It’s as simple as adding an “ss” to the end of the website address, but before the “”

Once you’ve typed it, just hit the ‘Enter’ key on your keyboard to submit it.

Next, you’ll be sent to a site where you may download the app.

  1. Go to the Download Location

Once you’ve been referred, several free services don’t need you to download or install. There is an immediate redirect to its website after pressing Enter.

You’ll see that the URL for the movie is already in the text editor, so you don’t have to copy and paste it. All you have to do is click the “Download” button to acquire your video.

In addition, you have complete control over the video’s format and quality. You may now download your video in a matter of seconds by clicking on the “download” button.

With Browser Add-ons, How Do You Download YouTube Videos?

You should avoid making any changes to the YouTube video’s URL. Some of you may not want to utilize any third-party program to download the movies, and that’s OK.

Using browser add-ons is an ideal option in this situation.

  1. Choose An Add-on.

You can get just about whatever you need with an add-on.

The good news is that downloading YouTube videos is easy and accessible thanks to a multitude of methods.

A few of these may be used with any three major web browsers, while others must be downloaded separately.

An Opera add-on named ‘YouTube Video and Audio Downloader‘ is an example of this kind.

YouTube Downloader is an Opera Add-on.

  1. Download The Add-on.

In Opera, the procedure is straightforward. Other browsers exhibit the same behavior.

Simply click the green ‘Add to Opera’ button in Opera to add the extension to your browser. Additionally, be sure you download the necessary add-on for your browser. Otherwise, they won’t function.

Get it up and running as soon as possible. Restart your computer if the add-in isn’t working after it’s been installed.

3. Visit YouTube.

The next step is to locate the YouTube video you want to save. On the upper right-hand side of the page, you’ll see an icon (for Opera users).

You’ll be presented with several choices after installing this extension.

  • Quick download
  • Download panel
  • Conversion tool
  • Settings

To download the video, just click on the “quick download” option.

Even if you use an add-on, YouTube won’t allow you to download directly from the site.

4. Choosing a File Format is the Fourth Step.

To save the video, most add-ons provide you with a number of alternatives. There are several formats to choose from, as well as varying levels of video quality. Typically, a pop-up will appear throughout the download process, allowing you to choose your preferred method of installation.

Virtual Desktops: How Do I Download YouTube Videos?

Downloading YouTube videos using a Virtual Desktop (VD) is also a simple option.

The following is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Go to the video on YouTube and have a look at it.

In order to see and download a video from YouTube, first go to the site and put in the URL. The video begins playing as soon as you complete these steps and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

2. Add the suffix “vd” to your URL.

By adding ‘ss’ to the URL, the procedure is now quite identical to that of downloading videos directly. The video URL must be edited such that ‘vd’ before ‘youtube’ and ‘www.’ and after ‘www.’

Upon completion of the edit, hit the Enter key. It is now time to visit Django, where you will be able to download your video.


  1. Decide on the video format and the quality level.

On the VDYouTube page, choose the quality and format of the YouTube video by scrolling down to the bottom. You may proceed as you see fit.

4. Download the video from YouTube.

After clicking the “download” button, the software will be installed on your computer system in a matter of seconds.

VLC Player: How Do You Download YouTube Videos?

You can get VLC media player for free if you don’t already have it installed on your PC. Downloading YouTube videos is a cinch with VLC Media Player.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video and copy its URL.

Open the video on YouTube that you wish to download. The video’s URL should be copied next.

  1. Launch the VLC media player application.

Ideally, you should launch the VLC media player before this step is complete. It’s in your best interest to have it open on the taskbar.

  1. New Network Stream.

In the VLC media player, go to the ‘Media’ tab and choose it.

Afterward, click on the ‘Open Network Stream’ option to begin. When you’re using Windows, this is a given.

FILE > OPEN NETWORK is the Mac workflow.

  1. Open Media.

No matter what operating system you’re using, you’ll see a page with a text editor at this point. To download a YouTube video, just put the video’s URL into this box.

  1. Click on the “Play” button.

On VLC, when you press the “play” button, the video begins to play.

  1. Codec Specification.

As the last step, click on Tools at the upper right of the screen. An option labeled “codec information” may be found in this menu. The ‘CTRL + J’ command may also be used to go to the ‘codec details’ option.

A new window appears when you click on “codec details.”

  1. The location.

The view from the window is as follows:

When you’re done seeing the video, you’ll need to have a look at the location text box below. For Windows users, this process should be simple.

You may, however, right-click on the box and choose the ‘Open URL’ option if you use a Mac.

  1. Copy/Paste the URL.

On a Windows computer, the URL was copied for you. Click ‘Enter’ after pasting it into your web browser. Those that use Macs don’t need to do this.

  1. Save the Video.

You should be able to watch the video online at this point. The video will begin to download as soon as you right-click on it and choose ‘Save video as.

  1. Download The Video.

The video download is currently underway. An MP4 file with the name ‘videoplayback’ would be the default format and the default title. Once it’s saved, put it in the same folder as the rest of your films.

Although the procedure may seem time-consuming at first, it’s really rather easy to do on your own.

Mobile users often ask how to download YouTube videos from the site.

It’s a little more difficult to save a YouTube video on your phone or tablet.

You may, however, get them onto your mobile devices using one of two methods I’ve provided for you.

Option #1: An software called InsTube may be used on an Android phone. Video downloading has never been easier with this app.

Option #2: If you have an iPhone running on IOS you are not going to be able to use InsTube to download your YouTube videos.

Getting the official YouTube Premium is the quickest and easiest method to do this. However, the monthly fee of $11.99 is well worth it. Within the YouTube app, you may download and view videos. This is what I personally do, and it’s what I’d advise you to do as well.

You’ll be able to listen to music as well as watch videos, thanks to the inclusion of YouTube Music.

Apple AirDrop may be used as a free hack to do this.

It’s easy to transfer the video files from your Apple computer to your smartphone and view them as if they were any other kind of movie. Simply follow the instructions, and you’ll be able to get any YouTube video on your phone or tablet for free.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

A viewer’s rights and responsibilities on YouTube are clearly outlined in the platform’s Terms of Service.

It is against their terms of service to download, sell, or copyright infringes on other people’s videos without their consent.

Despite the fact that downloading YouTube videos is illegal, YouTube has no plans to punish users who do it. YouTube videos with the proper permissions may be downloaded for free. Furthermore, it’s perfectly legal if you’re just utilizing the film for your own personal enjoyment.

Using any of the content for any other purpose without the express permission of YouTube or the relevant licensors of the content is expressly prohibited under YouTube’s terms of service.

In other words, YouTube videos can only be seen using Google-powered programs.

The number of third-party programs allowing individuals to download YouTube videos will continue to grow. It’s difficult to regulate or restrict people who take advantage of them – even if you’re not logged in, you can still view YouTube videos.

Downloading YouTube videos for personal use is entirely optional, and your decision is solely yours.

Is bulk downloading from YouTube possible?

The phrase “batch downloading” refers to the process of downloading many files from the Internet at the same time. Size in kilobytes (KB) and a number of files will impact how long it takes to finish the file(s).

Using software or browser add-ons, users may download many YouTube videos at once and save them in a designated folder on their computer or mobile device.

Multi-part downloading, or batch downloading, is another term for this. When it comes to batch downloading, the most common arguments given are that it’s a simple method to download several little files at once and that the video file sizes don’t surpass program constraints.

Using third-party software to download videos from YouTube saves a lot of time.

In order to download YouTube videos, what is the best method?

In order to download a YouTube video on a computer, 4k Video Downloader is the finest option.

For mobile devices, InsTube or YouTube Premium are the two best options for downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format.

InsTube is the greatest app for Android video downloads. It’s completely free and really easy to use.

All of these methods for downloading YouTube videos are at your disposal. 4K Download, in my view, is the greatest program for converting video to MP3 and delivering high-quality audio.

Even if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can still watch your favorite YouTube videos with this app. When you save movies to your computer or phone, you can access them whenever you want.

Do you prefer to watch YouTube videos online or save them to your computer? Using which tool are you now working on? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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