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Hostwinds Pros and Cons

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May 16, 2022


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Hostwinds Pros and Cons

Hostwinds has been featured in the list of best web hosting services many times by authoritative companies like PCMag and WebsiteSetup. But how well does Hostwinds compare to its alternatives? And, is Hostwinds the right option for your requirements? 

This article will break down an overview of Hostwinds and its pros & cons. Keep on reading to determine if the features of Hostwinds align with your needs. 

Hostwinds Overview

Hostwinds is a popular all-in-one hosting provider that came in business in 2010. The company offers a variety of hosting plans, including shared, VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting. Moreover, Hostwinds supports various CMS apps as well – these include WordPress, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal in particular. 

The standout feature of Hostwinds is its free site migration service. If you have an existing website and looking for a good provider to migrate your website, Hostwinds is a good way to go. You can request for free site migration within 60 days of the first purchase. 

Other than that, Hostwinds also offers remarkable customer service that’s knowledgeable, friendly, and available round-the-clock. The live chat statistics of Hostwinds reveal that 92% of its customers feel satisfied with its live chat support. 

Hostwinds: Pros and Cons

Here are the key benefits and drawbacks of choosing Hostwinds as your hosting provider. 


  • Helpful Customer Support – The customer support of Hostwinds is exceptionally helpful and the support agents are aimed to help the users solve any issue they have. 
  • Weebly Site BuilderHostwinds’ hosting packages include the Weebly website builder for free, making it an all-in-one hosting service. With Weebly site builder, you can build a professional without knowing how to code, all with a graphical editor. 
  • Reliable ServersHostwinds is perfect for sensitive businesses that need to be available round-the-clock as it offers a stable server uptime of around 99.98% (average). 
  • User-FriendlyHostwinds is focused on providing a great user experience to users by offering an easy-to-use dashboard. It’s easy to navigate and lets you manage your hosting account within clicks. 
  • Fast Page Loading – With SSD–based storage and powerful processors, Hostwinds promises a blazing-fast page loading performance to ensure your visitors enjoy a good page loading experience. 
  • Unlimited Storage – Each hosting plan at Hostwinds packs unlimited storage capacity. Unlike some of its competitors, you won’t have to pay extra for exceeding the storage capacity limit. 
  • Professional Email AccountsHostwinds not only offers a professional email account service but also doesn’t put a limit on how many accounts you can create. 


  • Unclear Money Back GuaranteeHostwinds offers a money-back guarantee with all its plans but there’s a catch; the provider still charges you a chunk of the payment you make, depending upon how long you’ve used its hosting. 
  • Requires to Buy Domain Name Separately – Unlike many alternatives like Bluehost and HostGator, Hostwinds requires you to purchase a domain name for your website separately. 
  • Limited Data Center LocationsHostwinds only offers 2 US-based data center locations with no servers available across other regions. So the international visitors may not enjoy the most seamless performance. 

Is Hostwinds a Good Choice for You?

Hostwinds is a great hosting solution for businesses. Though it charges a premium price, the advanced features like access to the Weebly site builder, round-the-clock customer support, and stable uptime make it worth the price. If you’re comfortable with the provider’s pricing and ready to pay separately for a domain name and an SSL certificate, Hostwinds is your best bet!


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