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(2022) How Much Does AdSense Pay Per 1000 Views?

By Daniel

June 8, 2022

We may earn money on products from the companies mentioned in this post.

If you create engaging material that is gaining popularity, you will undoubtedly have the possibility to make money from your blog. Since everything revolves around business these days, it was only a matter of time until bloggers discovered a method to monetize the content they are so enthusiastic about. AdSense is the most used method for earning money in this manner. So, how much does AdSense pay every one thousand impressions?

AdSense will compensate the publisher $18 for every 1000 page views (on average). This is due to the fact that the real amount an advertisement will pay varies (from advertiser to advertiser) and ranges between $0.10 and $0.30. 68 percent of this sum is covered by Google’s payment.

To earn money from a blog, you must achieve a certain degree of popularity and attract an engaged audience. After reaching that level of fame, you will receive advertising offers or become an intriguing enough possibility to submit proposals to other websites.

Google AdSense is a service operated by Google through which website publishers in the Google Network of content sites deliver content- and audience-relevant text, picture, video, or interactive media adverts. This definition is taken directly from the official Wikipedia article on the topic, and it is by far the most popular and effective way for you, as a blogger, to capitalize on the popularity of your website and generate revenue.

However, AdSense compensates authors differently based on word counts, niches, and popularity. This post will cover how much AdSense pays for various categories and how it actually works. Let’s get started.

How much does Google AdSense pay per 1,000 views?

On average, AdSense pays $18 every 1000 views. This is, however, extremely uninformative, given the vast majority of online media – blogs, YouTube channels, news websites, and other types of media – do not earn a great deal of money from advertisements. We are interested in advertising-rich niches.

In light of the fact that the great majority of AdSense users do not earn a significant amount of money, but a small minority does, it is statistically logical that the average price per thousand page views is just $18. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t allow this deter you from attempting to earn money in this manner.

So, let’s examine the relevant and useful numbers.

I’d like to begin by stating that there is a big disparity between nations’ specializations. In this post, we will discuss specialized markets in the United States. When it comes to advertising, niches make a significant impact because not all niches receive the same number of visitors. Obviously, an advertiser will not spend a significant amount if they believe they will not receive a significant amount of traffic from your site; therefore, it is essential for you to remain competitive in the most popular areas if you want to generate money.

Let’s examine the most popular niches, followed by the niches with the lowest popularity.

In the United States, the best specializations include:


Distance Learning

Marketing and Public Relations


Internet and Communications Technologies

This indicates that advertising in these sectors will be significantly more lucrative than advertising in other categories. Insurance, the most lucrative specialty in the United States, pays around $17.55 per click, followed by Online Education ($12.08), Marketing and Advertising ($6.45), Legal ($6.90), and Internet and Telecom ($4.96) per click.

Obviously, there are other low-paying niches, and we’ll discuss them in a moment.

You may now be wondering why these AdSense niches pay so well. The reason for this is because the company behind the advertisements have a high customer lifetime value and can afford to spend more on advertising to attract a client. Ultimately, it’s a matter of economics; if spending more for advertising will ultimately result in greater earnings, then it’s unquestionably the right decision.

However, this is where things become a bit more difficult; your site’s popularity and specialty are not the only factors that determine how much money you’ll make from adverts. Keywords also have a substantial effect here.

Clicks on keywords inside their respective areas are compensated in various ways. At $83.24 per click, ‘Geico insurance’ is the most costly term in the Insurance category. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily imply that it is the most popular term, as “farmers insurance” receives 450 000 monthly searches.

The phrase ‘Geico insurance’ is followed by ‘car insurance quotation’ and ‘get vehicle insurance online’ at prices of $69.72 and $67.28, respectively.

Regarding Online Education,’start online education now’ is the highest-paying keyword at $68.12 per click. It is closely followed by “apply for online college classes” at $67.36, while “online college application” at $66.08 takes third place.

Udemy is the most common term within this sector, followed by college.

The third highest-paying niche in the United States is Marketing and Advertising, and the highest-paying keyword within this niche is “email marketing” at $27.85, followed by “ecommerce SEO” at $24.72 and “local internet advertising” at $22.08.

PR and SEO are the two most commonly used keywords in this market.

It should be emphasized that these figures fluctuate and are in continual flux. There are unavoidable variations across markets, and I reiterate that we are examining the US market. For instance, in the United Kingdom, the highest-paying niche is Insurance, although at a somewhat lower cost per click of $6.86. (on average).

Now, let’s examine the lowest-paying markets. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any official data on the lowest-paying niches in general, so we’ll have to settle with three of the lowest-paying niches among the twenty highest-paying ones.

Electronics is the lowest-paying specialization in this respect (in the United States), at $0.73 per click, followed by Pharmaceuticals at $1.15 and Fashion Retail at $1.20.

Now, the purpose of this essay is to contextualize the distinctions between niches (in terms of AdSense), so let’s do just that.

With the top paying niche being Insurance at $17.55 per click, AdSense would pay $17,550 per thousand impressions.

Using the same approach, Online Education may generate $12 008 per 1000 clicks, Marketing and Advertising can generate $6 450 per 1000 clicks, Legal can generate $6 110 per 1000 clicks, and Internet and Telecom can generate around $4 960 per 1000 clicks.

It would be irresponsible of me not to provide a large disclaimer at this point: these values are approximate but close to correct. What does that indicate? It implies that we are examining averages in the United States, which is mostly inapplicable to other nations, and even in the United States it can be rather inaccurate (based on website popularity, SEO, rankings, etc.). There is no chance that these figures are the same as they were when this article was written; they fluctuate continuously.

Let’s also examine the list’s lowest-paying markets.

Electronics only pays $730 per 1000 clicks, Pharmaceuticals roughly $1,150 per 1000 clicks on average, and Fashion Retails $1,230 per 1000 clicks.

Niche Average CPC (cost-per-click)

Cost per 1,000 Clicks

Insurance $17.55 $17 550

Online Schooling $12.08 $12.00

Marketing and Public Relations

$6.45 $6 450

Legal $6.11 $6 110

Internet and Communications Technologies

$4.96 $4 960

Apparel Retail $1.23 $1.230


$1.15 $1 150

Electronics $0.73 $730

Now, why am I telling you this, and what is the significance of this information? Because information is the most valuable tool in life, regardless of the topic at hand. And if you want to make the most money possible by blogging, you will need to focus on the most lucrative areas.

I am aware that there is a great deal of information presented in a short amount of time, and it is quite reasonable to feel overwhelmed. Therefore, I will describe in detail how you may utilize the information in this post to profit from your specialty.

First, let’s discuss how to make money from generating content. You will create a blog (it may be a YouTube channel or any other kind of media, but for this example I’ll pick a blog because it’s the most common type of media in this respect) in a very popular niche (Insurance, for example). After a period of time (weeks or months), you will acquire a committed following for the topic you’ve chosen.

Then, you will begin advertising on your website and generating revenue. Simply simply, you must do just that. This is only a first, simple draft; let’s make it more complex.

After identifying the topic you wish to focus on, you will need to do industry-related keyword research in order to optimize for the most lucrative and popular keywords. You must locate this term since it will serve as the focal point of your work. If you want your blog to be popular inside a certain topic, you must construct it around keywords from that area. Thus, search engines will rank your blog higher, and you will receive more visitors.

You may utilize the Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush to discover keywords for your niche. Sorting should be utilized when doing this action. If you just sort phrases by the highest CPC, you may discover long keywords with little volume, but these words have the potential to generate a substantial amount of revenue. If you search for keywords with a large search volume, you may discover terms with a cheap CPC but great exposure.

You may use the same instrument to research the most common terms used by your competition. Everyone has heard the expression “Keep your friends near, but your enemies closer.” – which is suitable in this situation.

Now that you have all the necessary information, you must construct your blog around the keywords that will attract readers. The adage “Content is king” applies very well here.

Now, you must create a blog with valuable material. Create sufficient material that is of sufficient quality, and you will attract a larger audience. If you attract a larger audience, your blog will be perceived as more popular, and you will have a greater number of prospective visitors who will click on your site’s advertisements.

How many visits are required for this to be successful? For $17,550 per month, we need 1,000 monthly clicks in the insurance market. That equates to 33 each day. Assuming that only 1 percent of site visitors actually click on the advertisements, we would need 3,330 visitors per day to assure that about 33 people click on the advertising, so generating revenue for your business.

One visitor will assure you earn around $17.55 (on average), and 33 visits per day would result in 33 times that amount: $579. $579 multiplied by thirty (monthly days) equals $17,370. Due to variances in the number of days in a month and the omission of a few decimals during calculation, the results are not identical to the official ones.

If you want to earn around $17,000 per month from 1000 page views on your Insurance blog, you will need to attract 3,330 unique visitors every day.

How is that accomplished? Nonstop writing, editing, and rewriting.

It is vital to pick the correct form of advertisement to display, as there are four alternatives. 1) text and presentation, 2) matching content, 3) in-feed, and 4) within article. Polls indicate that in-article advertisements are the most profitable since they mix in seamlessly with the content and layout of a blog post. The amount of clicks on contextual advertisements is often high.

As customers, we have already conditioned ourselves to entirely ignore sidebar advertisements.

If you want to promote more material, matched content advertisements are a smart choice.

Google also offers automated advertisements, or, to be more specific, it customizes its advertisements to your website. Google utilizes its own algorithms for analytics, and these algorithms determine which advertising strategies are optimal.

How Does AdSense Work?

Google AdSense offers publishers with a means to monetize their online content. Based on your site’s content and traffic, the tool will match relevant advertisements to your website. Advertisers who wish to promote their products generate and pay for these advertisements. Since not all advertising cost the same, the amount of money you make will vary greatly from advertiser to advertiser.

Today, more than 10 million websites use AdSense. Internet security, safety, and transparency for advertising and writers are quite high. Google acts as a mediator between the two parties and ensures the whole process is clear and transparent. If you’re interested in a certain measure, Google Analytics will track it.

In AdSense, marketers may run text, graphic, HTML, video, and other types of advertisements.

When you sign up for AdSense, Google will begin to display targeted advertisements on your website. These advertisements will be related to the content of your website or to the visitors’ prior searches.

Each click on these advertisements will result in compensation for you.

Publishers (you) receive 68 percent of click revenue. We’ve examined how much your commission will depend on the specialty and the level of competition.

Advertising is the most profitable approach to generate revenue from content creation. When deciding to enter this sector for the first time, it is crucial to know which industries will be lucrative and which ones you should avoid since they are essentially unprofitable. Advertising is in a perpetual state of flux, and the distinctions between niches are also in a constant state of flux, which means that no single niche will ever remain the most lucrative. Ensure that you keep up with the times and continually revise your work.

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